From the recording Bada Boom!

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Don’t Wind Me Up is all about being tired of being sick and tired! Listening to meaningless jawing, complaining, antagonizing, gaslighting…sometimes you just want split some lip.


Don’t give me no lip.
I don’t listen and I don’t lie
Shutdown, gotta mind of my own
That’s the way, I draw the line.

Should' a let em’ get wasted.
Gonna bite down hard.
So mad I can taste it.
A sucker punch life, cuts through the fight like a knife


Don’t wind me up. Don’t wind me up.
Got no time for an axe to grind
Don’t wind me up
Don’t wind me up. Don’t wind me up.
Let my soul, bleed out no more
Don’t wind me up

Sometimes I’m a sinner. Sometimes I’m a saint.
But I just can’t understand why you get in my face.
I don’t want a reaction. I don’t want a scene.
I kick back like a mother.
I’m gonna split that lip If you think you’re gonna gas light me.