1. Thick N' Thin

From the recording Bada Boom!

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Thick n’ Thin is a shout out to soul mates who got your back when you need them most.


Thick N' Thin

I had it all down to the letter.
For’ everything else went down the drain.
I would a’ could a’ should a’ known better.
Shuttin’ my mouth. Wasn’t a shame.

If it takes some time, I know you’ll never.
Leave me hangin’ on down the line.

Through thick n’ thin. When I’m down in a hole.
Through thick n’ thin. Thick n’ thin.
They got me running. Thick n’ thin, I need a good shovin’
Through thick n’ thin.

I’m pushing every single situation.
You got my back, I got yours.
Shaking off my frustration. Looking for a key to unlock the doors.

I tell myself to think whatever.
You pick me up, they’re putting me down.

Through thick n’ thin. Catch me, when I fall.
Through thick n’ thin. Thick n’ thin.
Let em’ come a gunnin’
Thick n’ thin. I’m good at outrunning. Thick n’ thin.

Thick n’ Thin.