From the recording Bada Boom!

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White Lie Fever. A Factious Disorder. That Pathological, Compulsive, Chronic “you better get your ass outta there” kinda thing!


White Lie Fever

Shook my faith, set the hook, took the bait
Why’d I get a lesson that was much too late?
She lied. While I was wide-eyed.

Slidin’ undercover, like a Hollywood lover
Had a street rep, I bet, everything on her
Right now, my cash is out of sight.

I got nothing much too soon, A legendary lover, took me to the moon.

She got white lie fever. You never can believe her. Her White Lie Fever
take ya money away.

Let’s get straight, said a diamond couldn’t wait, so I slapped a couple carrots and tried to consummate, to find…my ring consigned.
She was drop dead tragic, made black magic. Had a skin tight, alibi, lied automatic. Inclined…to give a back bite.

I got hustled, shutdown too. She made a livin’, lying about the truth.

She got white lie fever. You better up and leave her. She’s a sugar daddy diva,
you gotta a bill to pay. If you wanna play.

She took it all and played me too. And now I see…she got her eyes on you.

She got white lie fever. You better not believe her, She's a temporary teaser. Take your money away. Take your money away…her little white lies

She got white lie fever. They call her miss demeanor,
White Lie Fever is her claim to fame, your money’s a game.